North Georgia Christian Family Services, inc.

Let’s make a difference in children’s lives

Children’s Homes

Bright, open living spaces… cheerful bedrooms… loving parents… sunshine, fresh air… fields to run and play… woods
to explore… trees, birds, animals to discover…

A big difference for children whose experiences have often been only of small spaces, crowded neighborhoods, and uncertainty about where they will be
able to sleep each night.

Giving a child the experience of a healthy home life will give them the ability to make healthy choices for their own families one day.

The plan is build homes on a rural property, big enough for up to eight children in each house — room to let sibling groups stay together with caring Christian foster parents.

North Georgia Christian Family Services, Inc.
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The dream is for all children to know how much their Creator loves them and
to claim His promises in their own lives.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not calamity,
to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11


Children who come into foster care have very specific and unique needs.
We are working on three ways to address two of those needs.
One is the need to keep siblings’ lives connected and the other is the need to provide foster and adoptive families
with many kinds of support so the children in their care can thrive with that family.

Joined In Heart

Between 75 and 85 percent of
children in the foster care system
have at least one sibling. And 25
to 30 percent have four or more.
Estimates show 75 percent of sibling groups end up living apart after they enter foster care.

Helping these children means protecting their relationship with each other and letting them see that God loves them dearly. If each congregation in Georgia found in its member-ship one or more families willing to become certified to foster siblings, and would commit  to nurture and support the family (or families), these children could heal and thrive…together.

We will provide ideas, information and training resources, and create a network between these congregations.

Family Services

Through the years, we have been aware of how many stresses are on families, especially on foster and adoptive families.

Serving children’s needs often means helping their families. Providing funds for emergencies like repairing a van or house, scholarships for Little League or camp, finding sources for therapy or other special needs, supplying an extra bed and mattress for a full house willing to take in one more child, babysitting and sending the parents out for a relaxing evening, bringing our toolboxes and showing up to help prepare an extra room for more children.

Our commitment to helping
families be better equipped to care
for children is stronger than ever.